Specializing in Auto Parts eCommerce and Cataloging

  • 20 Years of Diverse Automotive Experience.

  • It's More Than Just ACES!

  • eCommerce Cataloging for Maximum Sales.

  • Data Analysis and Custom Formatting.

  • Get Your Product all over the Internet.

  • Consultation or Hands-on Work.

         Quick FAQ

  • - I do not sell catalogs. I do not own catalogs to sell you. I BUILD catalogs. I work with your data, any data. I perfect it in compliance with industry or personal standards and turn it into whatever it needs to be turned into.

  • - I KNOW AUTO PARTS. I'm not just a computer wiz who plays with spread sheets. I turn wrenches and get dirty. I think like a consumer, a mechanic, and an e-commerce specialist.

  • - I am not a web-developer. I've heard too many stories about how your web developer did you wrong. I already know why. I know how to hire the right person for the job and how to prepare the deal.

  • - I am not a programmer. I do not develop software, but I speak the language and I know the logic. I translate CEO into IT-talk and back again. Programmers both love me and hate me because I understand their world, but I also break their stuff (that ends up being a good thing).

  • - Truly Experienced! I've seen it all. I've worked with aftermarket replacement auto parts and the AAPEX side of the industry. I've worked with the SEMA side of performance parts and accessories. I've worked on literally hundreds of brands of catalogs from all corners of the industry and beyond. I've worked for the biggest e-retailers and a bunch of smaller ones, both failed and successful. I've worked for warehouse distribution and know their game. And I've worked for big global manufactures, tiny one-item suppliers, and lots in between.

  • - Expect me to give it to you straight. I am quick to listen and slow to speak, but I am not interested in sugar-coating my opinions to spare the feelings an over-reaching idea or under-thought-out dream. It's not only about making money, but also saving money. Chances are, I have been through the trials and errors you're about to experience. What you invest in me can save time and resources.

Contact WiseAutoData

Jared Psak ~ jared@wiseautodata.comCell: 516-965-8838

~ 2018 ~ Wise Auto Data ~ Raleigh, NC ~ Better Data... Better Business...

~ jared@wiseautodata.com ~ 516-965-8838 ~

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