20+ Years of Professional Experience in Auto Parts Cataloging & e-Commerce

Wise Auto Data is focused on auto parts electronic cataloging and all of its uses in e-retail. From catalog creation, management, optimization, formatting and ACES, its use in databases, websites and navigation, and in marketing. 

   Wise Auto Data has experience from the perspective of the largest e-retailers down to small, niche websites, from industry warehouse distributors, and is especially focused on the manufacturers from all across the industry, from replacement and OE to performance parts and accessories.

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The founder of Wise Auto Data, Jared Psak, has nearly 20 years of experience specifically and exclusively in auto part e-commerce and cataloging. Knowledgeable in industry standard and custom cataloging, database design, web design, marketing, fulfillment, 3rd party services, and more!


Data & Cataloging WorkWhether you’re seeking ACES, building a collection of brands or anything in between, we do it all.

Consultation: If you realize that your catalog is the backbone of your success then getting some time to broaden your perspective can save time and money!

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We hear the demand. You want just a single, affordable ACES file, done quick and cheap? No subscriptions or accounts. No software or technology to pay for.

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Who is WiseAutoData?

Wise Auto Data is founded by Jared Psak, with over 20 years of professional experience in auto parts cataloging and e-commerce and supported by industry professionals, we have worked with small and large e-retailers, dozens of auto parts manufacturers and suppliers, and several warehouse distributors throughout the country. Highly skilled in data analysis, data manipulation, and data management, we have worked alongside database engineers, CEOs and business owners, web-site developers, product management, marketing, sales and customer service operations, and various team and project management.

​Whether you are looking for a consultation in any of this subject matter or are looking for hands-on support in kicking-off or completing a short or long term project in ACES development or something else, Wise Auto Data will help save you time and frustration, we can open the door to wider possibilities, and push you further along the path to greater success.