Under Construction

Day 1 Update:

I don't know... I want to make a modern collection of resources...

I want to highlight the greatest hits at the top, like Pennock's and the Fiero Store...

The idea is to just make a link to other web pages. I can't get sucked into being the site that holds the information - just the links to it.  


  • header image

  • intro - donate? - submit!

  • few major sites alone at the top - image banners with a small description...

    • ​pennock's​​

    • fiero store

    • ogre's

    • west coast

    • facebook

  • thumbnail section of vendors​

    • this is real important​

  • thumbnail section of MEANINGFUL informational topics... links to other websites​

  • Fiero Clubs and Shows

    • is there a website for this already?​

  • For Sale (bad idea maybe - i do not want to manage posts or temporary links to ebay or something)

    • cars

    • parts​​

  • Links

    • links on facebook

    • tear apart fierosails

  • History​ - This will be a content section I will probably write myself

Pennock's Fiero Forum

Easily the largest resource for almost all information. It's recommended you register, but you don't have to.

Research, Buy, Sell, and Discuss.

The Fiero Store

Truly, the world's largest source of Fiero parts. Tons of factory replacement parts for restoration and repair!

Some performance and accessories as well!

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