Let’s face it, web developers are a dime-a-dozen. It’s too easy to just make a website. Making a website work for your business is far more than a pretty looking website.

Inject your parts business into the internet, the right way. Let’s build you a modern website that focuses on getting traffic in the front door of your auto parts store. 

WiseAutoData has turned their e-commerce experience into a plan to get your traditional auto parts store more sales. With the focus of achieving recognition in today’s digital age we’ve partnered with a web-development team that will build a website that accomplishes the different ways your store can be found or discovered for the first time on the internet. From search engine results from Google to business directories that are multiplied across the web, made with a quality of work that will make your potential and existing customers more likely to discover and remember Your Auto Parts Store.

  • Professional quality Web Design and optional Photography.
  • Connect your store’s ordering systems, like ePart or NexPart, to your site.
  • Feature your Special Offers, List your Products and more.
  • Superior Content and consultation to support stronger internet marketing.
  • Utilize and Optimize Free Local Business Listings. 
  • Intro to Social Media. 
  • Guide through Domain Registration, Hosting, and any upgrades like additional email.
  • Train Your Staff on how to keep all of this going.
  • All for a budget of $10,000 or less. 
  • And all done by true automotive experience in the internet.

What You Need To Know First.
      This is your business. What we offer here is half do-it-for-you solutions and half consultations. We expect to work with both the business owner and the member(s) of their staff that will be responsible for maintaining this new part of your business. We will hire a web developer and possibly other gigs to accomplish our objectives, but at the end of the day, this is your website, your business and yours to operate. We will build what needs to be built, we will train you and another individual on everything, we will have plenty of conversations about it all, and do it all with big-time experience.
      Do not be mislead. This program is about increasing your local auto parts store’s presence on the internet and using the internet to continue to promote your business. This program is not about building you an online store to sell parts over the internet. We can do help you if that’s your goal, but this page is dedicated to something else.

What We Will Do.
       Your website will be more than just a home page as we will build brand, product and part category pages, a Specials page, About Us and History pages, Store Location pages, and any other pages of keyword rich, SEO-strong content topics that are relative to your business.
       The key to building a strong and long-lasting search engine presence is in the content of the website. Writing substantial, original, and keyword-strong content that focuses on the specific aspects of your business is a must. With over 15 years of experience exclusively in the auto parts e-commerce industry, using electronic cataloging for web site catalogs, market (SEO and SEM), web site design, and overall customer experience, combined with Google’s latest algorithms that have heavily shifted attention to local businesses, we will use your businesses’ strengths and local area knowledge to build the ultimate website that will drive more traffic to your front door. This is the internet presence you should be making.

Content Writing: The greater secret to greater success in organic website traffic is meaningful and continual content writing. The objective is to include specific content on your customer’s demographic, the auto parts and brands you carry, any special products or services your store offers, and any other subjects or articles that’s relatable to your business. In this base package I will provide some strong content and give you my guided instruction on how to write your own content as we prepare some of your content. From here you will be given an outline for additional content as you should continue adding content to the site. If you so desire, you have the option to hire WiseAutoData to write additional content for you at $250 a page or $700 for every 3 pages.

Visiting You: There is no doubt that we will be able to get the understanding needed from you and your business in order to capture your vision and make it real without having to visit your store in person. However, there is something to be said about meeting in person and gaining that real experience of your store and staff. I am open and willing to travel if you’ll have me. For an extra $250 a day, plus all travel expenses (I fly cheap), I will come visit you, your staff and your business.

I may have either the web designer or an actual photographer visit your store as well. Perhaps the most important connection we can make with your potential and existing customers, aside from finding your website in the first place, is the visual association between your presence on the internet and seeing your store and staff in person. We will want to utilize quality photography and a recognizable theme to increase the both visual recognition of your store and the comfort in those customers seeing the friendly faces of your staff.

Social Media: The use of Social Media in today’s highly mobile and interactive world is a special ingredient in retail action. I would strongly suggest getting into one or more of the available avenues of social media and will provide any consultation I can as part of the package. However, given the personal touch and feel that is required for good social media, there is not an option for me to pick up this work for you, but there are other (rip-off) companies that would be happy to.

Business Directories: We’re not just talking about the traditional internet any more. The business directories that exist in the internet are compared, shared, and used in larger systems all over the world that stretch into mobile phone apps and services. Wherever we’re not adding your business to some of these directories, we can update these listings to be more than just a store name, phone number and address by store descriptions, incorporating imagery and other features or benefits your customer will always get over the competition.

Domain Registration, Hosting and Renewal: The property of the site is your own. I will help set up your hosting, domain registration, email and any other hosting or website feature you’d enjoy with the greatest website hosting company in the world, GoDaddy. The fees for these are, of course, mandatory and are not part of the project’s budget. You will be responsible for the billing information and renewal of services. Terms & Required

Budget: This entire project, as detailed, should never cost more than $10,000 to complete and is expected to take about 4 to 6 months, at most because this is not a rushed project. Minimum package price is $6,500. If you can commit to providing your own usable photography, provide the information necessary for building your website, and are compelled to write your own content, then you can save thousands! Get me another committed referral and you can save even more! A minimum of $2,500 will be due at the start of the project to cover costs in web development and part of my time. The remainder will be due upon completion of the site.

Other Things You Should Know: Building this website is not a last-ditch effort strategy that will save your business. Great organic marketing (SEO) takes time to mature and will last for years to come. The return on your investment is not instant. It will begin to bloom in the first few of months or so and mature to greater success over time, especially if you continue to add content and pick up good Social Media habits.