Go from Bronze to Silver, Silver to Gold, or Bronze to Platinum! Optimize your sales and opportunity by optimizing your catalog. You’ve already got the best organization in the industry distributing your catalog, now let’s create better data!

You’ve already gotten on-board with the SEMA Data Co-op and you’ve started to see the benefits of the program’s distribution opportunities and catalog management, but now it’s time to take your catalog to the next level. By improving the quality and completeness of your ACES and PIES data, and improving your data scorecard, you gain additional attention from receivers, higher customer satisfaction, better marketing capabilities and overall business growth.

WiseAutoData understands the SDC scorecard and can give you hands-on guidance and support to compile and complete the necessary ingredients to get your catalog to the next level whether you are trying to just get from Bronze to Silver, really kick things into gear by getting into Gold, or knowing what it takes to get to Platinum!

Why improve your SDC Scorecard? Ask your sellers, especially those in the continuously growing e-commerce segment of our industry. Missing information prevents the ability to even include your product in certain places. Beyond that, you know you need to separate yourself from your competitors and the SEMA Data Co-op knows that too. Maximize your exposure and sales opportunities by making sure you’re ACES and PIES catalog gets to Gold!

WiseAutoData’s experience with SDC data makes us a viable resource to support the great suppliers of this industry with the as-needed, on-demand assistance in several areas of data work…

  • Periodical Catalog Updates:  Get those new part numbers into your catalog and update applications to the current year.
  • PIES/Product Data Enhancement:  Increasing your vitals and create competitive keyword driven product descriptions.
  • New Product Category Addition:  Building application data for a new category of products.
  • Specific SDC Scorecard Targets:   Get focused to quickly accomplish whatever one-two punch work you need.
  • Analysis & Consultation:   Want to do the work yourself, but need hands-on direction? Get schooled!

​Together, we will assess your situation and the project to be done. I will then draw up a detailed quote and time frame for us to agree upon. While confidentiality is a way of life for me, I welcome mutual NDAs if you desire one. All cataloging, data, and information is yours. I do not house or distribute data to anyone and any time. For more information or to get started, please contact us at any time!

For over 15 years, WiseAutoData has been working with the original manufacturer’s cataloging data for the e-commerce space and has seen and done it all.