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For the Warehouse Distributor or e-Retailer.

The concept of a Data Center is primarily the ability to supply the traditional warehouse distributor's e-retail customers with all of the appropriate and complete electronic cataloging materials that they need to run a more successful business selling the products off your shelves - or for the e-retailer themselves, but below focuses on the WD.

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Why Build a Collection of Catalogs?
    Your e-commerce customer need more than just pricing, inventory and fulfillment from you. They need cataloging and you are a better, more reliable, more capable source to get that cataloging than they are because you've got the relationship with the manufacture, not them. Very few warehouse distributors have even attempted to build their own data center, but those that have, have enjoyed the resulting success! WiseAutoData has helped build two large auto part catalog data centers, creating an incredible asset to your business.

What to do with it.
    It's all about supplying your customers with the data they need, but you need to know what catalog data the e-commerce community needs and keep it up to date. Having this data organized and readily available is key. Communicating your data center updates is especially nice.

So What is a Data Center, exactly?
    We've already established that a data center is just a collection of auto parts catalogs, but where it all resides and how it's used it's all that complicated either. All of the data can simply reside on a decent sized server that runs common FTP Server Client, like FileZilla, that allows for specific user management.

    Wise Auto Data has a complete understanding on how to manage, grow, maintain and organization these data center materials to provide easy use for your customers. Already known by many manufacturers, Jared Psak, founder of WiseAutoData and a 15 year plus veteran of e-commerce cataloging, already has open paths of communication with some manufactures, but, more importantly, knows how to open the doors to the rest. We are also familiar with and have working relationships with all of the 3rd party data suppliers. Additionally, WiseAutoData can provide catalog and data center analysis to identify insufficient data as compared to your specific inventory and other gap analysis with experience in auto parts ecommerce across the board.

Wise Auto Data

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