Wise Auto Data was founded after pioneering developments for one of the largest e-retailers, to provide education and support the manufacturer on how to manage their information better and how it improves different areas of their business.

Speed counts, but accuracy first. Experience accomplishes both. We’re fast, but we’re even more accurate.

​Wise Auto Data is founded by Jared Psak, with over 20 years of professional experience in auto parts electronic cataloging and e-retail. Supported by industry professionals, we have worked with some of the largest e-retailers down to smaller, specialized, niche websites. We’ve helped dozens of auto parts manufacturers and suppliers with their data formatting and management, and several warehouse distributors across the country in effort to support their customer’s demands for e-commerce materials. Highly skilled in data analysis, data manipulation, and data management, we have worked alongside marketing directors, database engineers, CEOs and business owners, web-site developers, product management, sales and customer service operations, and various team and project management.

Real Automotive Experience

In nearly every corner of auto parts e commerce, real knowledge of cars, trucks, and auto parts can make a very big difference, whether that involves auto parts cataloging, customer service and support, even database engineering, website development, and marketing.


What you will not find on this website is a list of individuals and companies we’ve done business with because confidentiality is a way of life here at WiseAutoData. I do not invite the question, “What did you do with so-n-so?” I have been involved in many high-level conversations, provided plenty of unique services and solutions, and have worked with several types of business; retailers, distributors, and manufacturers. Just like I do not discuss who I’ve done business with and I will also not disclose yours either! Regardless, mutual NDA’s are welcomed!

Team Support

While Wise Auto Data is managed exclusively by Jared, we utilize a small and experienced, on-call team that each specializes in their own expertise, whether it be advanced vehicle application validation, product information enhancement, data reformatting, image support, or data entry level support. This allows us to be flexible and cost-effective for our clients.

Featured in…

Wise Auto Data and its founder, Jared Psak, has been featured in substantial industry publications including being highlighted in an article in Aftermarket Business World titled, “Electronic Cataloging is Lost in Translation No More” and an exclusive interview with Spork Marketing where Jared discusses his personal experiences in perfecting the auto parts catalogs.