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Wise Auto Data : Specializing in Auto Parts eCommerce and Cataloging.

Wise Auto Data is focused on auto parts cataloging and all of it's use in e-commerce. From the creation, management, optimization, and its use in databases, websites, and marketing, Wise Auto Data has experienced it all.

Whether you are looking for more information about any of these subjects or are looking for hands-on support in kicking-off or completing a short or long term project, Wise Auto Data can help save you time and frustration, can open the door to wider possibilities, and push you further along the path to greater success. For more information about how Wise Auto Data might be able to help you, please see our Services page.


Wise Auto Data is Jared Psak. With nearly 15 years experience in auto parts e-commerce cataloging, I have worked with both small and large e-retailers, dozens of auto parts manufacturers, and several distributors throughout the country. Highly skilled in data analysis, manipulation, and management, I have worked alongside database engineers, web-site development, product management, marketing, sales and customer service operations, team and project management, and business owners and leaders. For more information on my non-confidential resume, please see my LinkedIn page.


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Auto Parts eCommerce.
      This is the business of selling auto parts by the way of the internet whether it's selling auto parts off your own website or channeling sales through the likes of Amazon, eBay or other marketplaces. Hundreds of millions of dollars of auto parts are being sold on line each year, but the overwhelming opinion from experts across the industry is that there is still room for millions more! While e-retail auto parts is a competitive industry there are still many opportunities to carve out new business. But the complexity of cataloging and marketing auto parts is unlike other industries that makes developing and running a successful online auto parts business quite challenging.

Auto Parts Cataloging
     Perhaps only the auto part manufacturers and suppliers themselves know how complicated it can be to accurately associate an auto part to it's correct vehicle. With so many auto makers in the world today, spanning decades, with all their model names, sub-model names, different size and style engines or variations in the suspension or drive train per model correctly associating the right part to the very specific correct vehicle is no small task, let alone getting every auto part manufacturer on the same page across the industry! In e-commerce, all of that information needs to be synchronized in  electronic form, no paper catalogs here.
     Thankfully, the automotive industry has associations that greatly help keep things organized and communicated. In North America that is the Auto Care Association, formally known as AAIA (Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association). In electronic auto parts cataloging, the Auto Care Association strictly maintains a standard for all year, make, and model vehicles and the auto parts that go with them. These standards are held within a series of databases commonly referred to as ACES and PIES.

Real Automotive Experience.
      In nearly every corner of auto parts ecommerce, real knowledge of cars, trucks, and auto parts can make a very big difference, whether that involves auto parts cataloging, customer service and support, database engineering, website development, or marketing.
      Of course anything can be researched as the world has never been more resourceful, but consider the time it takes to research unfamiliar subject matter and the keywords and phrases associated with that topic and the time it would take to competently write successful content. Or the reductions in trial and error development if you already knew how a customer desires to search for a new tonneau cover, replacement oxygen sensors, or a performance cold air intake. Consider the marketing materials designed by a person who doesn't know the difference between a cross-drilled rotors or standard replacement brake rotors.
      When filling any new position or responsibility in your auto parts business, especially in new business development, even if you don't see the connection at first, highly consider their auto parts knowledge.


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